I’m writing this blog…

Because in a few short days I will be boarding a plane to Madrid to live in Spain for the next 4.5 months (I’ll let you know when I’m able to fully wrap my mind around that).
Because some of you will probably (maybe) want to read about my experiences.
Because, one day, I’ll want to be able to relive these experiences.
Because I want to have a little piece of America in Spain.

But most important…..
Because I’ll never be 20 years old in Europe ever again.

A pledge from one of my favorite blogs applies here.

I pledge allegiance to my first thoughts, no matter how bizarre, frightening, or unusual they seem.  I exercise my right to spell badly, use poor grammar, and ramble on if I feel so inclined…I will have fun and not think too much.  I will be true to myself.

Because I can’t make any promises and because I reserve the right to start my sentences with “because” and “and” (sorry, mom).

Hope you all enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Because.

  1. This is awesome, Bee! What an exciting experience and journey you’re about to go on! So cool! Can’t wait to read all about it! Bon voyage! (not espanol for this girl) (:


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