Last Night.

Last night we met at the ISA office and went to a café/bar for the intercambio. There were about 15 American ISA students and 3 Spaniards. ISA warned us before the intercambio that there wouldn’t be many Spaniards because they have exams this week. Ali, Polly, Liz, Barb and I sat at a table together, and then Jesús sat down and started talking to us. We accidently (on purpose) talked in English more than we talked in Spanish. We’re definitely going to have to work on that.

After the intercambio, some ISA kids met “debajo del reloj” in the Plaza Mayor (under the clock, a very popular meeting spot in Salamanca) to check out Salamanca’s night life. We started off at Murphy’s to watch the fútbol game, Barcelona v. Osasuna. Finally a crowd that appreciates and loves soccer. Then after the game, we ended up wandering to see what Salamanca has to offer. I could tell that there’s definitely a huge nightlife in Salamanca, but it’s pretty dead now since the Spaniards have exams. Rodrigo told us that there are more bars than houses in Salamanca. I thought he was exaggerating. He wasn’t.

Polly and Me before hittin' up the town.

Random side-note: I completely forgot about this, but at the parade on my first night in Madrid there was music playing, and then BAM, I heard this:

Sound familiar?

Just a little piece of home in Spain.


4 thoughts on “Last Night.

  1. Oye, guapa, es hora de dejar el inglés excepto en tu blog. Enfócate en español, pero ya. Te estoy sigiuendo de Texas y espero que aprendas montones. Un abrazo de tu profe.

  2. I seriously cried when I watched that video!!!!! It’s like we’re there with you… I love you so much and I miss you to pieces.


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