Spanish Slang Sunday

Okay so after being in Spain for a week and a half, I’ve successfully picked up on some Spanish slang.

Botellón: From what I understand, it’s just a huge outdoor drinking party. You meet in in the streets, parks, plazas or some other outdoor place and drink. Rodrigo explained that botellóns are “illegal but legal”. Makes sense.

Resaca: Hangover. At one of our ISA meetings, Rodrigo and Theresa explained that we are required to go to at least 85% of our classes or we won’t receive credit. They explained that a Resaca is not an excuse to miss class. Then we should probably stay away from those botellóns, right?

An informal greeting used at any time of the day. Usually I hear this when I walk into a store, and the workers say “Buenas” and I respond the same way. I’m assuming that this is the shortened version of “Buenas tardes/noches”.

Pasta: Literally means pasta, but can also mean money. So ¿tienes pasta? probably means “do you have money?” not “do you have pasta?”. Ooookay, lesson learned.

Guay: Cool. Usually used when saying ¡Qué guay! (how cool). Yesterday, I was watching LA Ink in Spanish at the Residencia and the voiceover-ed Kat Von D said “super guay”.

Tía/tío: Literally means aunt/uncle. In Spain, they use it more for girl, chick, dude, man, pal, buddy, friend….you get it. This one is very strange to me because I just don’t understand the correlation, but this is coming from a girl who thinks it’s acceptable to say “lolz” in regular conversation.

So there you go, now you’re all hip. You’re welcome.

Liz y Yo, tías 4 lyfe.


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