Awkward and Awesome: Salamanca

It’s time for another awkward and awesome!


1. Girls wearing stockings as pants. You people in the US complain when girls wear leggings as pants, but at least leggings aren’t see-through. I’ve seen too many girls sporting the stocking-as-pants with a longish coat to “cover” themselves look. Obviously I use the term “cover” loosely because it’s not exactly doing that. Not cute, girls. Not cute.

2. Mom and Dad, skip this one: Liz and I walking to the Plaza Mayor and two guys exiting a bar and walking behind us and yelling offensive things in Spanish. We kept walking without acknowledging them, and then they got in their car and drove off. As they passed us, they proceeded to yell at us from their car. Terrifying. But don’t worry, our friends were behind these men. Cracking up laughing. I can only convince myself that they would have saved us if things had escalated. I need new friends.

3. Laundry. Dryers do not exist in Spain, so everything is hung on a clothesline to dry. That’s fine, right? Here’s the thing: the clothesline is in plain sight of the comedor so everyone gets to look at your laundry while eating. Just a little weird. Two days later, all of the laundry gets put in a basket and we dig through the pile to find ours. I am not a fan of touching other people’s laundry.

4. Assumptions. I declared my craving for King Cake today (come on, it’s Mardi Gras season so it’s bound to happen), but Liz and Polly had no idea what I was talking about. There are people in this world who don’t know what a king cake is?! News to me.

1. Snow. Liz, Polly and I were sitting in the Residencia on Sunday when we looked outside and saw the biggest snowflakes that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. And that’s coming from a girl who knows snow….I’m from Texas, ya’ll.
Okay so obviously I’m kidding, but seriously. Huge snowflakes. I took a video.

[And yes that is my Spanish Residencia friend saying “Hola” to me from the ground, as I awkwardly stand in the 2nd floor window taking the video]

2. This song. It is INCREDIBLY popular over here. It’s consistently stuck in my head because I hear it all the time. It’s in Portugese so I had to google the English translations, and let me tell you….riveting stuff.
That’s sarcasm because I know some of you are probably going to go google the lyrics and then think I am insane. I’m not. Yet.

Cristiano Ronaldo likes it too, ladies:

3. Booking my first weekend trip with Polly and Alex! I would tell you all where I’m going, but I just don’t think that’s very safe. Someone could stalk me there. I’ve seen Taken, okay? Liam Neeson is not my father, so I’m not willing to risk it.

4. Our Residencia’s cook: She made a cake especially for us. Probably because we don’t leave huge bread messes on our table and because we compliment her food every night. I can’t be completely sure because it was somewhat lost in translation, but I’d be willing to bet on it. Also, one day I was putting on my makeup in the bathroom and she came over and turned on the vanity light for me because I didn’t know that it existed. What a sweet lady.

5. Salamanca. Still obsessed. I took this picture while on a walk with Polly. Still can’t believe that I get to live here.

5. Churros y chocolate. The other day Alex, Ali, Polly, Liz and I stopped at Valor (chocolate heaven) for some churros y chocolate. We’ve heard so much about them, so we decided to see for ourselves. The churros were extra greasy and the chocolate was extra thick. I guesstimated the amount of calories but Liz said, “we don’t say the ‘c’ word here”. Good thinking, Liz.

churros y chocolate at Valor


Ok, time for another churros y chocolate run. See ya.


11 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome: Salamanca

  1. Regarding Awkward #4 – I have a friend that I met when we were stationed in Connecticut many years ago that had never heard of okra before I told her what it was. True story.

    Regarding Awesome #3 – I cannot stop laughing! 🙂

  2. Awkward1. I saw the same stocking issue at the YMCA years ago. I now realize the ladies must have been from Spain. 2. I read it. Terrifying, Get new friends. 3. Must be awful for you, because you are averse to touching even your own laundry. 4. I ate a piece of King Cake for you. AWESOME 1. Sneaux!! 2. Featured instrument: accordion. Definitely won’t be a hit in the U.S. 3. Not funny. At all. 4. It pays to be kind to the cook. Remember that when you come home. 5. Lovely. 5. (You have two fives.) I Googled it. 1 serving – 395 (starts with a c). Taking into account the grease factor, size of that monster and the extra thick chocolate and that number doubles. Love you!!!

    • 3. You think you are sooooo funny.
      4. Not fair.
      2. It won´t be a hit in the US because people there are stubborn and don´t listen to music that isn´t in English.
      5. Oops!
      5. You aren´t supposed to tell me!!!!!

    • It´s actually a scarf from H&M! You can borrow it sometime when we are actually in the same city!
      Thank you! I love and miss you!

  3. Surely you KNEW that the bold instructions to your parents would really just ensure that they read it, right? Btw, your Liam comment had me laughing aloud!!

  4. laughing so hard. as in….you would go a week or so without knowing there was a light to help you in the bathroom. embarrassing. LOVING your blog posts. preparing me for my trip al Espana!


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