I logged onto Facebook and this is what I see from my [extremely] needy friend Laura (who is studying in Sevilla soon. Come on Laura, get to Ehspain already!):So, Laura. I’ve decided to answer your questions, so everyone can know the answers. And so they can see how needy you are. 

1. How are you? I’m great! Just been hanging out in Salamanca, learning some Spanish, eating some food and having some fun. You know, livin la vida española (sorry, I had to do it).

2. How is Ehspain? Ehspain is ehsuperb. I think every country should adapt the siesta. And the paella. Mom told me that when I come back to the US, I can create my own city and establish a siesta because she doesn’t think I’ll be able to adjust when I move back to the United States. I think she is absolutely right. Dreading it.

3. Is it snowing right now? At the moment, no. When I received this message, yes. It was snowing a lot on Sunday and when I walked to class on Monday. I wasn’t sure how to handle it. I loved it, of course. However, the south pretty much shuts down when it gets below 30 degrees (LSU had a day off of school because it was “freezing”), so I haven’t been trained to function in the snow.

4. How is your dormitorio?  It’s actually called a Residencia, duh. I love it! The Spaniards still don’t really talk to us, but we had a breakthrough last night. Here’s what happened: the door to our room was open and I heard someone pounding on a window. I looked over and our Spaniard neighbor, Andrea, was standing in the hallway looking frightened. I asked her what happened and she told me that someone was knocking on her window (keep in mind: this entire exchange is happening in Spanish so the translations are more or less correct), I asked her if she wanted me to look out my window to see who it was, and she said yes. I opened my window and immediately shut it because I saw two men standing across the street. The guys started laughing when they saw me close the window abruptly, but I told her that there were two guys outside. She immediately realized that it was two of the guys from our Residencia. I was too surprised to see two men staring at me from across the street to look at their faces. She opened the window and started yelling at them in Spanish. I thought it was a bonding moment.

5. Is the food good? A veces (sometimes). Since I live in the Residencia, I don’t go out to eat since I (okayyyyy, my parents) already paid for the food in the Residencia. Sometimes I really love the food and sometimes I don’t. I’m not a picky eater so it’s not a problem, but sometimes I like the food more than others. Plus, I eat bread. A lot. It’s just so good, and I do not believe in anything low-carb. I’m pretty sure low-carb is the cause of all things wrong in this world. 

6. Have you made more friends yet? Yes! I’ve made lots of friends. It’s easy to make friends here. It’s kind of like freshman year of college all over again because everyone wants to make friends. Don’t worry though, I haven’t forgotten about you guys.

See what I mean? Needy. Love you, Lo!



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