2 Quotes of the Week

1. As I woke up Liz on Saturday afternoon (after a late night out, 8:30 am….normal), fifteen minutes before lunch, she grumbled “La vida española me mata” (the Spanish life kills me). Truer words have never been said. Obviously, Liz is still struggling to comprehend (and keep up with) the lifestyle here. And by lifestyle, I mean the night-life-into-early-morning-life style. If you’re not familiar, the Spaniards like to stay out until the sun comes up, sleep for a few hours, wake up, be a productive member of society, siesta, and then do it all over again. As Sean puts it, “Fiesta, Siesta, Fiesta”. Whoever said you need 9 hours of sleep never lived in Spain. How these people do it is beyond me, but we’re lovin’ it.

2. At dinner one night, Liz, Polly and Ali were talking about how they wanted to run a half marathon in Segovia this March. Carleigh and Talia, two girls in our Residencia, had different responses.
Carleigh thought it was a great idea, and was ready to train and run it with them.
Talia, on the other hand, did not agree. She said, “that is not even a possibility. It’s to the point where I wouldn’t even use subjunctive because there’s no doubt. I just wouldn’t do that.” Spanish grammar jokes.
To my friends that only speak one language:
[insert: I just googled “what do you call someone who only speaks one language?” so I could use an official term, and the answer that Google gave me was “American”. Google’s got jokes.]
So for all my American friends, in Spanish, you use the subjunctive tense when expressing doubt or uncertainty. Definitely a comedic moment for the Spanish linguists at the table.

Residencia Mendez; Carleigh, Ali, Talia, Me, and Liz

Sorry I don’t have time for a longer blog post. However, I did do some cool things around Salamanca this week, and I’ll post about them this weekend!


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