Catch Up

Here’s what you missed:

Thursday: ISA gave us a tour of the Old Cathedral in Salamanca, and Liz and I went because we are super nerdy (and super cheap. The tour was free, and when else were we going to be able to tour the Cathedrals for free? Never.) Salamanca has two Cathedrals: the old and the new. The Old Cathedral was completed in the 14th century and the New Cathedral was completed in the 18th century. Nothing new about either of them. Clearly. The tour guide had a southern Spain accent, and was hard for us to understand, but I got some of it. Something about a storm from Portugal, and…..that’s all I got. However, I do remember this:

Liz and I on top of the Old Cathedral

Friday: Free Tapas. You should know that Tapas are quickly becoming my new favorite thing. Since the Spaniards eat dinner so late, they ir de Tapas around what would be a normal dinner time for Americans. Since we are usually starving at 7pm (and still have 2 long, painful hours before dinner) we usually go for Tapas. Our favorite place is a small, but adorable place near our Residencia called Don Quixote. We go there almost every day, and the owner has started to recognize us. On Friday he walked over with three tapas while we were sitting at the table, and said that they were on the house. Day. Made. Thank you, kind Don Quixote manager!

Saturday: Carleigh and Talia’s last night in Salamanca before they head to Sevilla for the next few months. Cue the tears. I went to Carrefour (our supermarket) and bought a cake for them to eat after dinner with the entire Residencia. Later, we all went to O’Hara’s and Camelot for their Salamancan farewell. I tried to tell them that I heard that the people in Sevilla don’t like people named Carleigh and Talia, but they thought I was joking. Then I tried to tell them not to check my closet in the morning if their stuff was missing. They laughed that one off. Come on guys. I’m being for real.

Don't we look like one, big happy family?


The farewell cake.

Sunday: I did homework allllllll day. Just kidding. I don’t even know what that word means anymore, but don’t tell my mom and dad.

Monday: Liz’s last day before she goes to Escocia (Scotland, but I’m still struggling with the fact that countries have different names in different languages. I don’t like it) for a week by herself. This is a huge struggle for me because I basically live in Polly and Liz’s room because they have wifi, and they’re awesome. I tried telling Liz that Scotland sank into the ocean, but she went ahead and left anyway. What is with these people? Obviously, I have separation issues.

I’m sure I forgot a few things, but I have a pretty big announcement for my next blog post.


6 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. I am SOOO curious as to what your big announcement might be. By the way, as it turns out, Scotland didn’t sink. And I’m pretty sure I’m never leaving. Seeee yaaa life.

    • Ok, guapa, you have obviously learned the benefits of going to the same place. Go EVERY DAY. You will get special treatment, as you have already seen. My roommate and I went to the same bar every day for about two weeks and suddenly we became “regulars.” The bartenders take care of you!!! They are amazing sources of TONS of information. Just don’t tell them anything about your lovelife. If they ask, say, “Tengo novio,” and reject all love connections. If you want love connections, get them outside your bar. This is your place to chill. Now start talking to the other regulars….you will be surprised at what you will learn!! I am SOOOO proud of you!! Love READING THIS! I am about to make it assigned reading in Level IV!!!!

      • I have definitely learned the benefits of being a “regular”, and it’s probably the best thing ever. Definitely have used the “tengo novio” line a few times, and know that a bar is not the place to pick up a Spanish novio. Thanks for all the advice! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying my posts, and EXTREMELY flattered that you’re going to make it assigned reading!


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