Awkward and Awesome: Random Occurrences

It’s time for another awkward and awesome. Except this time I’m going to start with the awesome…

1. Free pizza. Last week, ISA had a pizza party in the office so that we could meet the Spring 4 kids who arrived last Sunday. The party started at 6:30, but I didn’t get out of class until 7:00, so I was forced to speed walk in the rain all the way across town in my suede wedges. I really, really wanted that pizza. I barely eat food here, okay? Worth it.

2. LAURA IS IN SPAIN. My best friend Laura (the needy one, you guys remember her, right? From this post) is studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain this semester and she is finally here! ISA is taking us to Sevilla pretty soon and I’m really excited to see her! She has a blog too, and you can read it here.

3. Wedding Expos. I’d love to be a wedding planner one day, but some people don’t agree with those life plans. You know who you are. Anyway, when I found out that there was a free wedding expo across the street from my Residencia, I knew I had to go. Liz and I went together and looked at all the displays of dresses, photographers, table settings, food and announcements. A few people asked Liz if she was getting married sometime this year, and she awkwardly had to say no. Uhhh, we’re just looking around…for a friend?

4.  Boyfriend. I have one. A Spanish one. Like a fromsouthernspainbarelyspeaksenglish Spanish boyfriend. Crazy, right? (I know that there are some jaws dropping out there). His name is Jose, and we live in the same Residencia. As it turns out, there’s no need to set up any intercambios, because my whole life has turned into one, big intercambio. We’ve mastered my favorite language, Spanglish (twice the vocabulary, half the grammar….helloooo who wouldn’t love that?) so now it’s time to master the other two. Spanish for me. English for him.

Jose y yo

5. Residencia Mendez bonding. The Spaniards in our Residencia took us out on Thursday! It started off with karaoke on the bottom floor of the Residencia (which brings my karaoke count to two this month…..two more than my usual karaoke count), and then they took us to a few bars that they like to go to. It was a lot of fun, and definitely a good way to get out of the Americanized bars in Salamanca for an authentic experience and bond with the Spaniards in the Residencia!


1. Arguing about the United States. Last weekend, a group from ISA went out and randomly met some guys from Switzerland, Germany and I can’t remember where else. They tried to argue with us about how many states are in the United States and kept saying “No, no. There are 50 stars on your flag but Hawaii and Alaska aren’t on there so there are 52 states”. You’re really going to try and argue with people who have lived in the US their entire lives? So what’s the only logical thing to do in this situation? Sing the 50, Nifty United States song. Outside. At 3 am. In public. Four times. Lily and I were determined to prove our point, so we were the obnoxious American girls singing American songs in the streets of Salamanca. Later we found out it was a “joke”. Okay, whatever. You’re just wrong.

2. Sad movies. Last Friday, ISA hosted a free movie night with nutella, popcorn and peanut butter. They know how to pull in a crowd. I thought that I was going to watch a love story, but when I got there the movie had changed to something called “Las Trece Rosas” (the 13 Roses) which seems like it’d be a happy love story, right? It’s not. Not even close. It was about the Spanish Civil War and there wasn’t one happy moment in the entire movie. Pretty much everyone was sobbing at the end of the movie. After the movie, we went to go drown our sorrows in churros y chocolate.

Faking happy after the movie.

3. Unexpected blog readers. One night, Liz, Polly, Jose and I were hanging out in Ciudad Rodrigo when Jose quoted a line from my blog in English. WHAT. He quoted the part where I said I wanted to cry when the Spaniards spoke 1000 mph in this post. I panicked a little because I wasn’t expecting anyone in the Residencia to read my blog. Especially because it’s in English, but Jose says that it’s very easy to read and he didn’t really need to translate anything. Please excuse me while I brush up on my English vocabulary.


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