Tuesday and Thursday

Sorry for my unexplained absence, I went on an ISA-sponsored excursion to Sevilla (or Seville for my American friends) this weekend and was laptop-less. The horrors, I know.
I’ll blog about the Sevilla trip for the next post, but for now…

Tuesday: One of the bars in Salamanca held a welcome party for Americans. There was a huge American flag outside, and the entire inside was decorated in red, white and blue. The bartenders wore t-shirts from American Universities or various sports teams, and they played American music all night (think: Ke$ha, Usher, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, LMFAO…you know, the classics). Naturally, Polly, Sarah and I had to attend. There was a break dance contest for the men and a booty shaking contest for the girls. So is that what the Spaniards view as American entertainment? Don’t worry, I did not participate. It was a blast, and we got to be American for a night.

Sarah and me. So American.

Thursday: Polly and I decided to buy tickets to the Don Omar (I included a link for those who are clueless) concert in Salamanca, because when were we ever going to be able to go to a concert in Salamanca again? The concert started at 9:30, but Polly and I decided to go late so that we could still eat dinner at the Residencia at 9:00. We figured we would miss the opening act, but still make it for Don Omar. Such a good plan. Except for the fact that there was no opening act. Okay what? Concerts without opening acts exist? Blows my mind. So Polly and I got there about 45 minutes late and missed half the show (it ended at 11, what kind of concert ends at 11?!) , but still made it for the one song that we knew. Success, kind of.

Polly and me at the Don Omar concierto.

Friday- Sunday: Sevilla excursion. See tomorrow’s blog post! There’s a surprise included. It’s a video. I never liked surprises.



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