Sevilla y Mérida

Last weekend, ISA took us on a trip to the land of sunshine and orange trees,  Sevilla.

Things that I liked:
1. The sun: All the Sevillanos were complaining of the cold, but compared to the arctic tundra of Salamanca, we were in paradise. I kind of hatelove that I think 50 degrees Fahrenheit is warm now.
2. The buildings: So bright and colorful compared to the brown-bricked buildings in Salamanca.
3. The people: Super friendly. They got the whole Southern charm thing that I’m used to. However, the boys were much more aggressive in Sevilla and I was not a fan.
4. The orange trees: They lined the street and I just wanted to pluck one off and eat it. This was not advised because apparently they are amargos (bitter) which was super upsetting. I’m still bitter about it. See what I did there?
5. Friends: I got to see Laura, Carleigh and Talia this weekend! Miss you guys.
6. Mérida: A gorgeous small town in southern Spain. We stopped there on our way home for a few hours and got to explore. Absolutely stunning. And warm.

Cathedral in Sevilla.

Mirror Pic inside the Cathedral.

ISA in Sevilla

Although I thought Sevilla was beautiful, I realized that I’m absolutely in love with Salamanca and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

I’m going on another trip this weekend so expect another traveling blog post next week!

And finally, here’s a short video that I put together of my weekend in Sevilla y Mérida. Enjoy!



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