February Summer: Mallorca

My first non-ISA sponsored, big girl weekend trip was last weekend! Polly and I flew one hour and five minutes from Madrid to the beautiful island of Mallorca.

For those of you who are geographically challenged, you’re welcome: 
Thanks to iMovie and the massive amounts of free time that I have in Spain, I put together a video of the trip to Mallorca. It’s at the end of this post, so if you’re bored of my writing you can just scroll to the bottom. There’s something for everyone in this blog.

Still here? Here are three things worth mentioning that aren’t really in the video.

1. Public bus systems: Upon arrival, Polly and I were supposed to take the 21 bus to the hostel, so we hopped on the 21 bus but the driver told us we needed to be on the 1 bus, so we listened to him because why would a bus driver be wrong? Twenty minutes later and we are on the opposite end of the island and had no choice but to take a taxi allllllll the way to the other side. Super depressing watching fifteen days worth of tapas/food/fun money go to a taxi driver. The next day we tried to take a bus to see the castle in Palma and somehow missed our stop. Good thing we don’t have to take buses in Salamanca because we are definitely not cut out for that.
2. Food: I ate two of the best meals of my life in Mallorca. The first night we ate at Pastagonia (like Patagonia…..but pasta, get it? So clever.) It was an Argentinean restaurant and we ordered meat fondue and then chocolate fondue for dessert. I’ve been living off bread and salad for the past month, so I don’t even want to talk about calories, okay? The next day we ate at an Italian restaurant and the waiters loved us. They brought us a complimentary glass of wine and then pretended that it was my birthday and brought our dessert out with a candle and sang to me. Embarrassing. I was approximately thirty shades of red. The whole meal lasted about two and a half hours so Polly and I felt like real Spaniards.
3. Our hostel, Tierramar: The hostel was right next to the ocean and the owner, Colin, was exceptionally friendly and helpful. Probably not a good thing that this was my first hostel experience because now I’ll expect every hostel to be as wonderful as that one. I know, I know. It’s not going to happen, stop crushing my dreams. Oh, and I didn’t get murdered or kidnapped like my friends from home told me would happen. So that’s good.



14 thoughts on “February Summer: Mallorca

  1. Just so you know, when I try to play it, it says “This video contains content from EMI who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.” And therefore I shall have to fly to Spain immediately. I have no money so I will have to stay with you. I would stay in a hostel, but I do not want to be murdered or kidnapped.

  2. Ok the funniest thing just happened. I was posting that “serial posting” post (repeated use of the word “post” and its derivatives in this sentence is sure to drive your mother insane) and it took me to a screen that said “You are posting too quickly. Slow down.” HA!


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