Milan, Italy

March Madness has come to an end. And I’m not talking about basketball.
Between Portugal, Barcelona, my 21st birthday and Paris, I’ve barely had a chance to breathe. In a good way? But all of that ended when I made my last weekend trip (in March) to Milan on Wednesday.

Polly and I took the Avanza bus from snowy Salamanca (Yes, it was snowing. In March….what?) to the Madrid airport on Wednesday afternoon. We were flying Iberia (such a luxury compared to Ryanair and Easyjet), so we rode a free tram to Terminal 4 (which is in the middle of nowhere for those of you who were wondering). On our flight I had the most terrifying moment in my entire flying history. I was peacefully sleeping when all of a sudden the plane hit extreme turbulance. Polly grabbed my wrist from across the isle as the rest of the plane gasped. It only lasted a few seconds, but I seriously thought the plane was going to go down. I’ve never been so scared in my life. Luckily, the rest of the flight was smooth. But I couldn’t fall back asleep.

We were staying with my roommate at LSU’s cousin, and he gave us very detailed instructions on how to get from the Milan Linate Airport to his place. It was only a bus, a metro and a tram ride away! It’s times like these that I really appreciate Salamanca. We eventually made it, but fell asleep pretty fast after our arrival.
The next day, Polly and I explored Milan. The boys told us to go see the Duomo, go shopping, “maybe go find the castle or something”, and eat at a gelato place where “you might have to wait 30 minutes, but it’s supposedly the best gelato in Italy”. Count me in.



First stop: Shopping. Priorites, people. We headed into a few familiar stores like H&M and Zara, and then made our way to the Louis Vuitton’s, Prada’s, etc. Clearly I was only window shopping. You think being a “broke college student” is a thing, try being a study abroad college student. We ended up at the Duomo (which literally just means “church” in Italian). I didn’t want to stay for long because there were a million people out, and men attacking me and trying to sell me bracelets. Nooo thank you, strange man. I don’t want that. One of them asked me if I was from Africa and then started singing Waka Waka. Wait, what?

Next Stop: Gelatoooooo. If you are ever in Milan go to Cioccolati Italiani. I’ve had a lot of gelato in my lifetime (when I went to Italy with my family a few years ago, I tried to get gelato from every gelato place that we passed. I don’t recommend that. It didn’t work out. Who knew that there were so many gelato places in Italy?!), but this was the best. Bolded for emphasis. They fill the bottom of the cone with chocolate and then put the gelato on top. Plus, if you get the nutella flavor, they swirl the nutella on top and it’s just so. darn. delicious.

yep, you counted right. that's three.

After the gelato, we consulted the metro map to find the castle. It was beautiful. Maybe my favorite part about Milan. Except the gelato….obviously. The weather was perfect and there were people just playing soccer and volleyball, laying out, or just hanging out on the grassy fields that surrounded the castle. Polly and I wandered around until we finally made our way back to Giovanni’s.


For dinner, we went to aperitivos with Giovanni and his friend. It’s kind of like tapas, but more expensive (miss you, Salamanca). Later that night, we went to a club in Milan called “The Club”. Creative. There was a DJ and strobe lights, and a tonnnn of people. Polly and I made our way home around 3:30 am, and went to sleep because we had plans to go to Verona in the morning….

To be continued in the next post!


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