Verona, Italy

Friday morning Polly and I woke up early….okayyyy, 11 am…and took a train to Verona. We didn’t have a plan, but we knew that we wanted to go. We got off the train, looked at each other, laughed and said “Okay, now what?”. Of course, the answer to this question was “food”. We walked out of the train station, hopped on a bus (“Wait, do we need to pay for this bus? Are we supposed to have a ticket? Does anyone even care? Oh well. Oops”), got off at a stop that looked like it was the main plaza and looked around for a restaurant. By looked around, I mean went to the closest one that had people who looked like they were enjoying their food. I ordered the most delicious salad with arugula, beef, and balsamic. I’m telling you guys, I go on a hunt for green, leafy veggies when I’m away from the Residencia. You don’t realize what you had, vegetables, until they’re gone. That’s how the saying goes, right? We had tiramisu for dessert, and it was probably the most delicious tiramisu that I’ve ever had in my entire life. Elizabeth Gilbert knew what she was doing when she picked Italy as her country to eat before she prayed and loved. Eating always comes first, and eating in Italy is better than eating in any other country.

After lunch, we walked around the main shopping street until we stumbled upon a little market. Polly picked up a bag of heart-shaped pasta and some adorable milifiore earrings. Don’t worry mom, I explained the significance of milifiore to her. Thanks, Italian heritage.
The next stop was the Casa di Giulietta. In English, Juliet’s House. This is definitely Verona’s biggest attraction, and the main reason why tourists go to Verona. This house was actually owned by the del Capello family for many years. Because let’s remember that Juliet was merely a character in a Shakespearean play. However, the similarity in the last names del Capello and Capulet promoted the idea that this was the Capulet house and the balcony where Juliet stood talking to her dear Romeo.

The walls surrounding the house were COVERED in graffiti of couple’s promises of love in every single language. For those of you who have seen the terribly, awfully cheesy romantic movie, Letters to Juliet, you’ll be disappointed to know that I only saw ONE letter on the wall. Apparently all the letters are on the inside of the house, which I did not go in. Outside, there was a statue of Juliet where tourists stand in line to rub Juliet’s right breast for luck. Hey, I’m just following legend.

it's good luck, okay?

After we left Juliet’s house, Polly and I wandered around until we found the river. There was a beautiful view of the city, so we walked along the river for a while until we saw a huge crowd outside of  this little gelato store. Everyone in line was Italian, so Polly and I figured that it must be worth the wait. We stood in line for about twenty minutes and eavesdropped on the adorable Italian family’s conversations. Surprisingly, I was able to get the gist of what they were talking about. Thanks, romance languages!  We ordered our gelato and walked back to the river to eat it. Little children dressed in soccer gear walked past us with their parents on their way to the game, the sun was setting, the view was incredible and the gelato was delicious. It was just so…..Italian. I loved every minute of it. As we were walking back to the bus station, we stumbled across this little boutique, so of course we had to go inside. The owner didn’t speak English, but the female employee who looked to be about our age was able to speak a little English. She helped Polly pick out a really cute bracelet and blouse, and then we signed our names on her desk because we loved the shop so much.

The last stop was the Duomo. Polly and I sat on a bench outside the church for about fifteen minutes because we couldn’t force ourselves to head back to Milan. We just loved Verona so much. When it started to get dark, we decided that it was time to go. We made our way back to the train station, hopped on the train, and passed out until we arrived in Milan.


We shut the black out blinds in the apartment, because we were going to sleep in without the pesky sun trying to wake us up, and went to bed early.

Next post: The final day in Milan….


2 thoughts on “Verona, Italy

  1. You should write a book someday of all your adventures. I love reading about what you’ve been doing. You paint such a lovely picture of where you’ve been.


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