Spanish Slang [Guest Blogger]

So this post has absolutely nothing to do with my trip to Barcelona. It doesn’t even have anything to do with me. Today’s post is from my friend Lily. You may remember her from some of my other blog posts….she’s kinda cool. I guessssss. She’s from Tennessee so we’ve been known to start chanting “SEC” just because. Here’s the link to her original post and her blog, but I’ve reblogged her post below.

Sweet southern belles.

Would you like to learn a little bit of Spanish? Here are some phrases I’ve picked up while in Salamanca, Spain that I really enjoy. I always keep a small notebook in my purse that I write down phrases I hear or learn. Since in high school and college I’ve learned mostly a Latin American Spanish a lot of these phrases were brand new to me!

  • No pasa nada = It’s nothing! or Don’t worry about it! Probably my favorite and most commonly used phrase. It’s said when a friend can’t meet for coffee, your host mom can’t get your laundry done in time for tomorrow or someone bumps into you.
  • ¡Hasta luego! = See you later. This is Spain’s most commonly used “goodbye”. Adios doesn’t really exist here. A lot of times people, including myself, get lazy and this turns into something like “Ta luego
  • ¿Que tal? = How’s it going? or What’s up? 
  • Guapo/Guapa =Handsome/ Beautiful. You may be cat called on the street hearing “¡Guapa! ¡Guapa!” or recieve an e-mail from someone started out by “¡Hola guapa!”– there are lots of uses for this word.
  • Venga = See you or Bye. This is actually the command conjugation of “venir” which means to come but here it’s used more as a good-bye. I hear my host mom on the phone and she usually ends her conversations with “Venga guapa, hasta luego!”
  • Vale = Okay. In Spanish the letter V is actually pronounced as a B so this word comes out as “bale” and is used all. the. time. I probably say vale at least 30 times a day. ¿Vale? Vale.
  • Un rollo Booooorrrriiing. I learned this one in my conversation class here and really like it. It’s not really common but my host mom always gets a kick out of when she asks me how class was and I say un rollo.
  • Vale la pena = It’s worth it. Can also be used as “no vale la pena” = it’s not worth it. I like this one and use it a lot.
  • Bobo/Boba = Ditzy/stupid. Used to describe a person. Clemen taught me this one. Bless her.
  • Coñazo = Pain in the neck. Another one thanks to the Clemster.
  • Chachi Piruli Juan Pelotilla = How neat! Wooo! I learned this from my ISA directors, it’s basically a phrase that children say when something’s cool.
  • ¡Qué guay! = How cool! 
  • Estás como las maracas de Machín = You’re crazy! Machín was (is?) a singer who always played his maracas, this phrase literally translates to “you’re being like Machín’s maracas” meaning you’re acting crazy.
  • Fruta de la sal = Luck of the draw
  • ¡Madre del amor hermoso! = Good Lord!
  • Hortera de bolera = Tacky
  • El mundo es un panuelo = It’s a small world
  • Aprovechar = Make the most of. Trying to use this one as much as possible in my time here!

I hope you enjoyed this list I’ve made of some of my favorite Spanish words and phrases. Do you have any favorite phrases in English or other languages that are too good to keep to yourself?

Thanks, Lils. You’re the best.