Hasta Luego.

I hate goodbyes. I always have. But then again, who actually likes them?

Since my arrival in Spain, I’ve noticed that the Spaniards rarely use the term “Adios” in favor of “Hasta Luego” (which translates to “See you later”). I actually really love that the Spaniards do this. So, in order to ease the pain of saying “goodbye”, I’ve decided to adopt this Spanish practice and refer to this period of my life as an “Hasta Luego”.

Whenever a chapter in my life closes I feel extremely sentimental. I can’t help it. I’m a sentimental person.

High school graduation. Sad, but at least I have college to look forward to! 
Moving out of my dorm freshman year. Sad, but at least I get an apartment next semester!
Moving out of my apartment sophomore year. Sad, but at least I get to be an upperclassmen! 
Moving out of my apartment last semester. Sad, but at least I get to go to Spain next semester!
Ending my semester abroad. SAD. SAD. SAD. Now what do I do with my life?!

I have wanted to study abroad in Spain for about 2/3 of my life, so I’m having an extremely difficult time coping with the realization that it’s almost over. I will never have this study abroad experience again, with these people, and these same memories. It’s a brutal realization, and one that I’m not quite ready to face. I know that I’ll get there eventually, but in the meantime I’m struggling.

I’m probably being a little dramatic (I usually am), but you guys get the picture.

Last week started the first round of hasta luegos. Finals ended Thursday and after a grueling week of study sessions, all we wanted to do was sit in the Plaza Mayor and enjoy the sun and Salamanca. Three of my closest friends were leaving on Friday, so we wanted to spend as much time together as possible. Their train left at 6:00 a.m. on Friday morning, so we decided to stay out in Salamanca until they needed to get on the train. We took a lot of pictures, danced a lot, cried a little bit (okay, a lot), and then we ended the night at the Kebab place (it does have a name, but we aren’t sure what it is and always call it the kebab place). As we hugged each other for the last time, we promised that we would all see each other again because this is a hasta luego, not an adios….which sounds corny, but no pasa nada because I’ve already accepted it.

The girls who already left me: Sarah, Claire, and Ashley.

The whole group saying hasta luego at “The Kebab Place”

Hasta luego, guys! Os echo de menos mucho!


2 thoughts on “Hasta Luego.

  1. I know it’s lame, but the phrase “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” comes to mind. 🙂

    • Oddly enough, that was on my brother’s graduation announcements from high school! The student government picked it, and it definitely applies here.


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