Another Lock in the Lock Garden.

Its real name is “Huerto de Calixto y Melibea”, but I’ve referred to it as the “lock garden” ever since my Spanish friend took me to see it for the first time three months ago. Mostly because that’s what it is….a lock garden. And because I just had to “google search” the real name.

It’s just a small garden by the cathedrals in Salamanca that has an overwhelmingly beautiful view of the city, and also a well from which it’s (fake) name derives. The Spaniards have a tradition for lovers to write their names on a lock and attach it to the well, then throw the key to the bottom of the well to be lost forever!

It’s so sappy and ridiculously adorable at the same time.

photo by

Laura y yo in the Lock Garden

Since that first trip I’ve been back many more times, but I made the last trip to the lock garden on Monday with Liz and Polly.

At the beginning of the semester, we decided that we would put a lock on the well before we all left Salamanca. We know it’s not exactly meant for friendships, but why not? I didn’t see any official rule book.

Liz had a spare lock that she wrote our initials on, and we took it to the garden and locked it on the well. It’s a physical reminder of the five months and many memories that we all shared in Salamanca.

Our lock (with the heart on it)

hasta luegooo lock garden 😦

Update// my friend Lily has a friend visiting Salamanca today, so we took him to the lock garden. I  got really excited to show them my lock, so imagine my surprise when it was gone! The whole section where my lock used to be located had disappeared. Not even a week later! Such a bummer.



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