Fitting It All In

My days in Salamanca are dwindling and I want to leave here without feeling like I missed out on something, so I’ve dedicated these past few weeks to fitting it all in. Here’s some of what I’ve been up to:

1. Cuevas: In February, our ISA directors told us about the cuevas (caves) in Salamanca. We talked about going for a couple of months, but never got around to actually going. Last week, Jess, Alexa, Lily, Liz, Polly and I made the executive decision that it was finally time to explore the cuevas. Legend has it that this is where Satan taught fortune telling, palm reading, spells and black magic to seven students for seven years, and at the end of those seven years one of them had to stay in Satan’s service for life. So clearly, the only acceptable time to go to the caves would be at night, right?
I was under the impression that there would be actual caves because that would make sense, right? But remember that this is Spain and things rarely make sense. However, the cuevas are actually an old church, and you can climb to the top which looks out onto the city. Our ISA director told us to be careful because sometimes “people are doing weird things up there”. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, okay, but luckily, we didn’t run into any of that. Or Satan. We just got to see some beautiful views of Salamanca at night.

Jess, Alexa, Me, Lily, and Polly at the top of the tower

“Look, I’m hanging out with Satan”

2. Parque de Jesuitas: A huge park in Salamanca that I’ve always wanted to go to, but decided that it was too far away. Read: 15 minutes away and I’m lazy. I’d heard rumors of a zip line, so we wanted to go check it out. We finally got to the park after the grueling 15 minute hike and found that the zip line was overtaken by children. The children’s father looked at us and told us that we were too big and that the zip line was for children. We didn’t take the time to explain to him that our friends had been there a few days ago and zip lined with now problem…because if there’s one thing that I’ve learned in Spain, it’s that there’s no use arguing with a Spaniard. So what was the only logical alternative? Played on the other children’s toys in the park, por supuestoTake that, rude Spanish man!

just being a kid.

just being a kid.

3.  Final night out with the Spaniards in the Residencia: As final goodbye to the Americans, the Spaniards took us out in Salamanca for one last time. They took us to a few of their favorite places, some of which we had never been to and where we were definitely the only people who weren’t Spanish (which we love)!

Residencia Mendez

4. A Real Spanish Bull Fight: I am going to have a whole blog post on this one because it’s so important in Spanish culture and there’s a lot to be said! Stay tuned.



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