Why Choose International Studies Abroad (ISA)?

It’s been 18 days since I left Spain, so that makes me an authority on all things study abroad related, right?
After all, I am an alumni which makes me sound fancy and sophisticated.

Okay, maybe not, but I do know a lot more about Study Abroad than I did five months ago! Before I studied abroad, I was a mess of uncertainty and did endless amounts of research blog stalking to make sure that I picked the right country, city, and program for my experience. I am certain that my decision would have been 100 times harder if I didn’t have the internet. How did our parents survive?! To pay it forward, I decided to provide some information that will hopefully help someone out there who is as desperate as I was. Continue reading


Awesome and Awkward: Madrid and Toledo

I decided to borrow an idea from this blog, and update you all with awkward and awesome moments from Madrid and Toledo.

1. Unexpected Surprises. We arrived in Madrid on January 5th, the Spanish “Christmas Eve”. Our program directors informed us that on the morning on January 6th all the children would receive gifts from Los Tres Reyes Magos (Three Wise Kings). The day we arrived they shut down all the streets at night and held a huge parade, throwing candy at all of the people in the streets (how very Mardi Gras of the Spaniards). The streets were crowded with people of all different ages, and decorated for Christmas. This was definitely an awesome cultural experience for our first night in Spain. Continue reading

Una Update Pequeña

Lo siento for not updating my blog since I arrived in Madrid, pero the WiFi (pronounced wee-fee en español) is pretty terrible at the hotels where we have been staying. I just wanted to let you all know that I am alive and well because I’ll probably lose connection in .0543 seconds. When I arrive in Salamanca I’ll write a real update with pictures.

PS- I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d lose connection, I’ve tried to post this four times and lost WiFi every single time. Qué pena.

Packing, Panicking.

Top 10 Reasons I Don’t Like Packing

10. I don’t own a Mary Poppins Bag. Can anyone tell me where to get one of those?
9. “Do you really need all those pairs of shoes?” Um, Yes.
8. 4 months, 2-3 seasons, 1 fifty pound bag. I was never outstanding at math, but I’m pretty sure those numbers equal impossible.
7. So wait, they don’t sell travel size shampoo/conditioner/face wash in my favorite brands? Continue reading


I’m writing this blog…

Because in a few short days I will be boarding a plane to Madrid to live in Spain for the next 4.5 months (I’ll let you know when I’m able to fully wrap my mind around that).
Because some of you will probably (maybe) want to read about my experiences.
Because, one day, I’ll want to be able to relive these experiences.
Because I want to have a little piece of America in Spain. Continue reading