Corrida de Toros

Bullfighting might be one of the most controversial aspects of Spanish culture. Before coming to Spain, I was familiar with this particular Spanish tradition, but I wasn’t how I felt about it. I didn’t have much desire to actually attend a corrida (it’s kind of like the Houston Rodeo, right?), but I knew that I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to go if given the chance. Continue reading



On my first trip to Barcelona, Polly and I were sitting in a taxi when I heard a commercial saying that Enrique Iglesias was going to be in Madrid on March 4th for his Euphoria tour. I grabbed her arm and squealed as the taxi driver totally judged me and my violent reaction to such silly news. Apparently los españoles aren’t loco por Enrique, but I couldn’t help myself…my inner 90’s child got the best of me. Continue reading

Why Not?

It’s become very clear to me that the theme of my life in Salamanca is why not?

Why not go to O’Hara’s for the Madrid vs. Barcelona game 2.5 hours before the game actually starts?
My Spanish Cinema class gets out at 7:30 pm on Wednesdays, so a few friends from class met my friends from the Residencia debajo del reloj at 7:30 to go save our spots at the pub. Nevermind that the game doesn’t start until 10, soccer in Spain is no joke. We ended up sitting in the front row which was a perfect position to see the screen yell at all those Real Madrid fans. (Those of you that know me, know that I love soccer. Those of you that know I love soccer, know that I am obsessed with Lionel Messi…especially you, Lj). This is not friendly competition people, it’s so much more. That’s why I love this place. Definitely in my top three most fun moments in Spain. Continue reading

Awesome and Awkward: Madrid and Toledo

I decided to borrow an idea from this blog, and update you all with awkward and awesome moments from Madrid and Toledo.

1. Unexpected Surprises. We arrived in Madrid on January 5th, the Spanish “Christmas Eve”. Our program directors informed us that on the morning on January 6th all the children would receive gifts from Los Tres Reyes Magos (Three Wise Kings). The day we arrived they shut down all the streets at night and held a huge parade, throwing candy at all of the people in the streets (how very Mardi Gras of the Spaniards). The streets were crowded with people of all different ages, and decorated for Christmas. This was definitely an awesome cultural experience for our first night in Spain. Continue reading