Why Choose International Studies Abroad (ISA)?

It’s been 18 days since I left Spain, so that makes me an authority on all things study abroad related, right?
After all, I am an alumni which makes me sound fancy and sophisticated.

Okay, maybe not, but I do know a lot more about Study Abroad than I did five months ago! Before I studied abroad, I was a mess of uncertainty and did endless amounts of research blog stalking to make sure that I picked the right country, city, and program for my experience. I am certain that my decision would have been 100 times harder if I didn’t have the internet. How did our parents survive?! To pay it forward, I decided to provide some information that will hopefully help someone out there who is as desperate as I was. Continue reading


Hasta Luego.

I hate goodbyes. I always have. But then again, who actually likes them?

Since my arrival in Spain, I’ve noticed that the Spaniards rarely use the term “Adios” in favor of “Hasta Luego” (which translates to “See you later”). I actually really love that the Spaniards do this. So, in order to ease the pain of saying “goodbye”, I’ve decided to adopt this Spanish practice and refer to this period of my life as an “Hasta Luego”. Continue reading

A Thousand Words.

I know it may seem like I’m not attending school over here, but let me just say this…..

I’m not.

Totally kidding. Calm down, Mom and Dad.

So for those of you who are wondering how my classes are going…..

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

We took this picture after a RIVETING hour and a half of Spanish history! And it is proof that I’m in a classroom! Learning stuff! With real students! You guys see those books, right?

Okay, but for real…one of these days I will write a post about my classes abroad. And as you can tell from above, they’re a BLAST!

What You Missed

I’ve been such a bad blogger, so I’m going to try and turn up the charm on this post so you will all forgive me, vale?

So here’s what you’ve missed since the last post….
1. ISA set up a cooking class for us at a restaurant in Salamanca! We learned how to make Paella, Gazpacho and Spanish Tortilla. My cooking repertoire is sooooo cultured now. I have a short video, so you can see just how much fun we had. Continue reading

Tuesday and Thursday

Sorry for my unexplained absence, I went on an ISA-sponsored excursion to Sevilla (or Seville for my American friends) this weekend and was laptop-less. The horrors, I know.
I’ll blog about the Sevilla trip for the next post, but for now…

Tuesday: One of the bars in Salamanca held a welcome party for Americans. There was a huge American flag outside, and the entire inside was decorated in red, white and blue. Continue reading

Come, Reza, Ama

My mom wouldn’t let me buy a book for the plane ride to Spain.
“Why would you buy a book when you can rent them from the library for free?!”
She’s insane.
Sorry mom, but seriously?!

So I ransacked the house to find a book to read, and saw Eat, Pray, Love on our bookshelf. Done.

I read this excerpt last week. It’s from the author’s time in Italy and describes exactly what I’ve been feeling, but unable to explain.
So thank you, Elizabeth Gilbert, for being an actual writer (unlike me) and having the ability to put thoughts into eloquently written words (unlike me). Continue reading

Awkward and Awesome: Random Occurrences

It’s time for another awkward and awesome. Except this time I’m going to start with the awesome…

1. Free pizza. Last week, ISA had a pizza party in the office so that we could meet the Spring 4 kids who arrived last Sunday. The party started at 6:30, but I didn’t get out of class until 7:00, so I was forced to speed walk in the rain all the way across town in my suede wedges. I really, really wanted that pizza. I barely eat food here, okay? Worth it. Continue reading

2 Quotes of the Week

1. As I woke up Liz on Saturday afternoon (after a late night out, 8:30 am….normal), fifteen minutes before lunch, she grumbled “La vida española me mata” (the Spanish life kills me). Truer words have never been said. Obviously, Liz is still struggling to comprehend (and keep up with) the lifestyle here. And by lifestyle, I mean the night-life-into-early-morning-life style. If you’re not familiar, the Spaniards like to stay out until the sun comes up, sleep for a few hours, wake up, be a productive member of society, siesta, and then do it all over again. As Sean puts it, “Fiesta, Siesta, Fiesta”. Whoever said you need 9 hours of sleep never lived in Spain. How these people do it is beyond me, but we’re lovin’ it. Continue reading