My City, part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote this post about my favorite places in Salamanca.
I also promised that there would be a part two, so I don’t want to leave you guys hanging! Continue reading


Catch Up

Here’s what you missed:

Thursday: ISA gave us a tour of the Old Cathedral in Salamanca, and Liz and I went because we are super nerdy (and super cheap. The tour was free, and when else were we going to be able to tour the Cathedrals for free? Never.) Salamanca has two Cathedrals: the old and the new. The Old Cathedral was completed in the 14th century and the New Cathedral was completed in the 18th century. Nothing new about either of them. Clearly. The tour guide had a southern Spain accent, and was hard for us to understand, but I got some of it. Something about a storm from Portugal, and…..that’s all I got. However, I do remember this: Continue reading